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* Shipping & Packing for this bear

(The bear is small enough to qualify for small packet rate overseas, which is part insured and tracked - please ask for fully insured rate )

 UK Special Delivery £ 14.00

USA £26.00

Europe £22.00

Australia & Asia £28.00


Character Teddy Bear

( 5 joints )

10.25  inches ( 27 cms ) standing

8 inches ( 20.5 cms ) seated

Weight 30 ozs ( 878 grms )

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Gordon is a Character bear made from a sage green mohair, with contrast fron and snout in a corn colour. Hairs have been cross planted on the snout join to soften the line where the colour changes in front of his eyes.  Both mohairs are a short ratinee finish.

He has black glass eyes, his embroidered nose is set, colour shaded and polished to a satin finish.

Gordon has wool felt paw pads.

He is filled with soft man made fibre and plastic pellets, with weight added using steel  in his limbs and body.

Gordon is semi soft filled but is weighted and balanced so that he can stand confidently.

Ref 005/20

£ 325.00

Plus shipping and packing*

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*  Shipping &Packing for this bear

Quotes obtained from Royal Mail/Parcel Force for tracked & insured services. I have rounded down to a figure which I can offer, the actual quotes were all higher than my offers below:-

UK   £ 20.00

USA  £ 95.00

Europe  £ 60.00

Australia & Asia  £ 100.00

Please remember that shipping to Europe, in addition to the post and packing, will likely now incur substantial customs and port processing fees on arrival in the destination country;  those additional costs are beyond my control and will be the responsibilty of the buyer.


Howard & Teddy

Pyjama bear & friend


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Pyjama bear Howard comes with his own well loved Teddy, if you look closely you will notice that Howard sacrificed a button from his pj’s when Ted needed help with his eyesight.

Howard is a 21 inch, six-joint bear. He is made from a dense ratinee mohair in a colour described as “old tea”. The texture is soft but irregular and slightly woolly.

He has wool felt paws which are shaped and pull sculpted.  Howard’s eyes are vintage boot buttons and his nose is my “signature” embroidered, set, colour shaded and wax polished to a satin finish.

He is softer filled than usual with man made fibre, plastic pellets and metal shot so he is quite heavy.

Ted is made from heavily worn and distressed mohair to give a care worn appearance, he is very floppy with loose joints and weighted with metal shot.

Howard’s pyjamas are made to measure from very fine natural cotton, buttons are natural shell mother of pearl.

Please note that the two bears were made and designed to go together, I will not separate them and both are included in the total cost quoted below.


20.5 inches ( 52 cms ) standing

15.5 inches ( 39 cms ) seated

Weight 86 ozs  ( 2282 grms )


8 inches ( 21 cms ) standing

5 inches ( 12 cms ) seated

Weight 11 ozs  ( 315 grms )

Ref 003/21

( single OOAK set )

£ 795.00

Plus shipping and packing*

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